Chris Lawley - Founder/Director

"TRC was an idea I came up with in this pic... An Idea my best friend supported us to make a reality... It has helped me and potentially saved me... It will help and save others too..."

All of a while this is a legacy and a future for Liv, Betsy and HR 


Nick Wojtowycz -  Founder/Director

"My passion has always been to help and support people, with mental health being a prominent topic in the world today, I feel like I have found my purpose with The Revelry Collective"

Lee Barnes - Creative Director

“I didn’t dream of a perfect career, I woke up and fought for it"

Grant - Chief Ambassador and operations 

"The Revelry Collective has taught me that there is always someone there to listen. Being part of this group has given me life long friendships, a greater understanding of my own mental health and the passion to help others. For all this I am grateful."

Paul and Joe - Videographers

"Quote coming soon"

Callum- The man behind the camera 

"Quote coming soon"

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